The Seniors Hospitality Center of Boundary County is a non-profit organization incorporated on April 25, 1974, under the laws of the State of Idaho.

It is our purpose to provide service programs for older persons to maintain or improve the health status of these individuals, support their independence, prevent premature institutionalization and allow earlier discharge from hospitals, nursing homes and other residential care facilities.

To accomplish this, the Seniors Hospitality Center provides a number of outstanding programs.

Our programs are partly supported through the “Older Americans Act” which is an entitlement established in 1965. The remainder or larger amount of support comes from client donations and community donations. A Client Donation is the portion a client may contribute for the service. It is a confidential (suggested) donation, which varies from one program to another and is posted at the Senior Center and on the Bus. We rely on donations to help offset the costs. You will not be denied services because of your financial situation.   Wish to donate?   Donation Form  |   Donors Year-to-Date